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10 PSVR Games That We’re Excited For

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10 PSVR Games That We’re Excited For

A list of some PSVR games that are tickling our fancy, along with some community picks

We have recently seen a pretty solid flow of content announcements from the PSVR camp. With an abundance of titles being announced by some of gamings big studios throughout the year. With so much exciting content coming to the PSVR platform, we thought we would put together a list of 10 of those games that we get really excited about. The list is a few our favorites, plus a few community picks from the gaming community.

10. Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood



Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood – Is a VR horror title that uses the immersion factor of VR to draw you into the fear. The game has a focus on the morals of decisions and each choice you make will have an impact on your game. This is a PSVR exclusive that will give Until Dawn fans a chance to step in to this world for themselves. Until Dawn is a horror tittle that tries to go beyond the classic ‘jump scare’ approach by bringing focus to social situations and relationships between the main protagonist and the other characters in the game. These extra layers of gameplay make this one of the titles we are keen to get our hands, eyes, ears and face on.

9. Adrift



The premise of Adrift is kind of as the title suggests, you play an astronaut on the wreckage of a broken down ship, you have a limited amount of oxygen in the tank, and you are tasked with the burden of surviving in space, sounds thrilling right? The concept of the game is often compared to the 2013 Warner Brothers motion picture, Gravity. So if you were a fan of that movie then this is definitely one for you. Another plus is that this will be available on the Rift and the Vive, as well as PSVR.

8.Ark Survival Evolved


Ark is a game that lends a lot from the likes of Minecraft, Rust and DayZ and falls categorically in to the survival genre. As a player, you inhabit a vibrant landscape that’s filled with an array of prehistoric wild life and long since extinct creatures. As with most survival games your best bet from the offset is to find your nearest tree and start punching it, and work your way up from there. The key focal point of this game, and what sets it apart from other survival titles, is the Dinosaurs, as you are able to tame the beasts of Ark by rendering them unconscious with your weapon of choice, making them ridable if you posses the ability to craft the relevant saddle. One of the most notable things from trying this game in VR was the scale of the Dino’s. The first time I saw a rex in VR was the equivalent of pressing the F key IRL.

At the moment it’s a bit of a fiddly experience as there is no head tracking in the options menu, which leaves some things at the edge of your view pretty hard to make out. Not to mention the fact that the game in its current state is quite poorly optimized – I could probably list all of the assets from memory just from seeing the loading screen so many times – but I’m sure this will all be rectified by the time the official release comes around however.

7.No Man’s Sky

maxresdefault (2)

No Man’s Sky is the subject of a lot of attention from the gaming community at the moment. The ambitious title from Hello Games aims to deliver an entire, completely explorable, universe. All of which is procedurally generated from the ground up, including the music. The general outline of the gameplay is exploration. You are given free reign to come and go as you please, hopping from planet to planet while dog fighting pirates in space, depending on your playing style of course. VR support for this game is one of the big rumors in the VR scene at the moment. However this rumor may be validated very soon. More about that here.

6.Robinson: The Journey


Robinson: The Journey – is a title brought to us by Crytek the teaser shown at Paris games week definitely captivated the audience, and is now available on steam to try for free. The high fidelity visuals, coupled with the emphasis on empathy in the narrative, make this a pretty promising experience for VR. Check out the trailer here, or try it on steam here. The teaser released by Crytek puts you in a first person view as you stand motionless in the nest of a rather large dinosaur, so try not to flinch.

5.Tekken 7




Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan announced earlier this year that Tekken 7 will be making its way to the forthcoming VR headset from Playstation. The information came from Paris games week where it was announced that the latest edition of the classic fighting game title will include “unspecified support” for VR, as reported by Polygon. The Tekken series that debuted on arcade’s back in 1994 is a title that inevitably had a place reserved on this list. The top down and side on view game types work really well in VR and generally offer a pretty comfortable experience in terms of simulation sickness. So Tekken 7 should naturally transcend well in VR. (Check out Mythos of The World Axis for a good example of the top down style in VR)

4.Gran Turismo Sport



Gran Turismo Sport – will also be making an appearance on the PSVR platform. The competitive title will focus on two cups, The Nation’s Cup and Manufacturer Fan Club. Players will be able to experience the interiors of their favorite vehicles while racing round the tracks in VR. Traditionally racing games are the pinnacle of realistic visuals and the cockpit style games tend to translate well on this medium, so this should offer a good VR experience for racing fans and petrol heads.

The key point about this version of the game is that it will give players a chance to compete in two virtual world championships that are titled as previously mentioned. The former offering a chance to be the national champion and the latter offering players a chance to compete for their favorite car manufacturer.




Dreams – Is effectively a sculpting tool that allows you to turn your dreams in to a 3 dimensional environment. The title from Media Molecule aims to take the sensation of the of lucid dreaming and transform it in to a game. The sculpting mechanics of the game put focus on fluid usability that allows players to create in a streamline flow without many interruptions. The dreams that you create will be accessible by other users and you are also able to add to work that has been before. Each dream is defined by different rules, and the author of the dream can set what those rules will be. The author (or Dreamer) can then place ‘Links’ throughout their dreamscape that that will act as a portal between dreams, made by themselves, or others .

VR support for Dreams was announced last month in a tweet from Media Molecule Director and co-founder Alex Evans. Which makes sense as the game is definitely well suited for the platform. You can find out more about Dreams in here.


maxresdefault (3)


Rigs – comes from Gorilla Games Cambridge and is billed as sony’s “first triple A competitive VR game”. The team based combat title allows you and two other team members to battle it out in some hardcore Mech Combat. Rigs was shown at E3 earlier in the year, back when PSVR was still identified by its working title, Project Morpheus. The arena based shooter is set 50 years in the future and lends idea’s from racing and fps games. The combination adds up to create a pretty interesting sports event that can provide to entertainment to spectators as well as players.

1.Eve Valkyrie

maxresdefault (4)

Eve Valkyrie – Formerly known as Eve VR is a game that, like No Mans Sky, is centered around space exploration. Although, where it differs is in its focus on dog fighting and advanced space combat. Players will be able to progress using a ranking and reputation based system, and will be able to compete in 360 multiplayer battles. Eve: Valkyrie will be released in H1 2016 and will be available on the Rift as well as PSVR and is completely focused on VR gameplay. In a reply to RiftInfo on twitter, Sigurdur Gunnarsson, the developer of Eve: Valkyrie stated that there are “No plans atm to allow playing Valkyrie without a HMD. Game has been announced on The Rift on PC and PSVR on PS4”. Which may be the cause of some dismay for users interested in adopting that particular HMD, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will remain that way forever, just that they have no plan to now. You can find out more about EVE: Valkyrie here.

And here’s a few honourable mentions:


Final Fantasy XIV

maxresdefault (5)


Cyber Danganronpa



And here’s a list of a bundle of other PSVR games cited from

Albino Lullaby
Among the Sleep (cancelled -_-)
The Assembly
Atom Universe
Crystal Rift
Cult Country
Cyber Danganronpa VR
The Deep
The Gallery: Six Elements
Get Even
Harmonix Music VR
Hyper Void
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Loading Human
Mind: Path to Talamus
Nighttime Terror 2
The Playroom VR
Shadow of the Beast
Summer Lesson
Surgeon Simulator
Synthesis Universe
Trackmania Turbo
Vanguard V
Wayward Sky
World War Toons
Paranormal Activity VR
War Thunder

If you have any PSVR games that you are excited about that aren’t on the list then feel free to let us know at Info@VRRelated.con


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