107 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Oculus Rift’

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Today, popular online Youtube channel, The Leaderboard, have released a video that takes you through the story of Oculus Rift and how it came to be.

The Online channel and part of the successful Frederator Network have released the video with the aim of filling in the blanks for people just stumbling into the world virtual reality. They do so by taking the viewer through a list of 107 items that they present as facts, based on Rift and the history of its iterations.

107 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Oculus Rift’ comes as part of The Leaderboards ongoing series of “107 facts” videos. Some of the previous installments include videos related to Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

Things you can expect in this episode include:

The device has integrated headphones with support for real-time 3D audio to further immerse you in the virtual world. The Oculus Rift also has full six-degree of freedom rotational and positional tracking, courtesy of the Oculus’ very own Constellation Tracking System. Constellation is precise, low latency, and sub-millimeter accuracy. Developers are producing Rift enabled tools to let users go beyond gaming to explore everything from molecules to galaxies. It goes without saying that the potential for education are virtually endless.

When NASA finally does decide to send live astronauts on long interstellar journeys, they plan on utilizing the Oculus Rift to keep a ship’s crew entertained with a HoloDeck of sorts. If an astronaut feels like taking a stroll down a sunny beach in California, the Rift can make it so.

In addition to the money collected from Kickstarter, Oculus received $91 million in funding from investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Matrix Partners and Formation 8 — all of which, of course, went towards the development of the Rift.

Presenting the latest installment of the aforementioned series is The Leaderboard’s own, Stepanie Panisello. You can find the full video below, or you can check out the Frederator Network on Twitter here.

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