Virtual Reality, Sensory Experience, and Human Character Development

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IEEE Advancing Technology for Humanity Invited Presentation: Virtual Reality, Sensory Experience, and Human Character Development

Virtual Reality, Sensory Experience, and Human Character are complex topics when taken together fit within IEEE Digital Senses Initiative. Character is shaped by struggle. Call it tensile strength. The good fortune of existence is that it provides an opportunity to live with meaning and purpose. The struggle to achieve purpose is a journey marked by highs and lows. When attempts at self-influence lose vitality Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy (VRIT) may be called upon for assistance.


VRIT is a method intended to provide corrective thinking and sensory experiences. The rehearsal of efficacious action in Virtual Environments shape character. Shaping is achieved through testing delivered in the form of challenges.  Consider family, early education, and employment preparation for high school and college. Each tier prepares a person for the next. There is no escaping or falsifying character. It advances, remains static, or degrades by action. Personal fulfillment comes when purpose is focused on the advancement of humanity. The power of fully interactive immersive virtual reality employing tracking and locomotion with user guided hand held devise is accelerated learning.

Virtual Reality is gender free having multicultural adaptations using symbols and language. Whether as an individual or Nation, acting in our own best interest means using powerful interactive VR technology for health rather than just entertainment. Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy for Humanity seeks to develop applications advancing health, personal efficacy, and cultural values.



Dr. Ralph J. Lamson

Dr. Ralph J. Lamson is a visionary psychologist who launched the first clinical research of virtual reality in the treatment of acrophobia. His acquaintance with technology and applied research included seismic refraction studies profiling the crustal structure between the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. Twenty-five years later IEEE Digital Senses Technology for Humanity opened door to learn more about his dogged pursuit. Momentum for social and technological renaissance aimed at helping people took a step forward. Dr. Lamson was awarded CyberEdge Journal Product of the Year for application of Virtual Therapy to Anxiety Disorders. He authored US Patent 6425764, acquired trademark VIRTIGO, and published VIRTUAL THERAPY while continuing efforts to install VR immersion therapy in health care.

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