360 Music Video from Bjork

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This 360 music video from one of the performing world’s prestigious artists, Bjork, is taken from the Bjork Retrospective installation that was displayed at New York City Museum of modern art.  The installation celebrates Bjorks long role and contributions to music and performing art.

The video is titled StoneMilker, and is taken from her most recent album, Vulnicura. It is set on an open shoreline in iceland, and has been displayed in installations in New York, London and Long Island City.


The 360 music video seems to be paving the way for a new approach to music visuals, as it allows you to interact with the image by holding your left mouse button and moving your viewpoint around. This allows you to watch Bjork as she moves around the space, or you can simply enjoy the landscape in the shots.

The potential for creativity here is really exciting, will be interesting to see what the future holds for 360 video content and Virtual Reality music videos.

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