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Ultrahaptics secures €1.49 million grant for development

Bristol based Ultrahaptics adopt a revolutionary, and extremely Sci-Fi, approach to haptic development. They do so by Rendering Volumetric Haptic Shapes in Mid-Air using Ultrasound. The Ultrahaptics system requires no contact with the device or tool, and uses a phased array of Ultrasound transducers to create sweet spots in mid air. The system uses Leap Motion to track the users hands, and displays the haptic feedback on an acoustically transparent display. This means that the use of Ultrahaptics will allow for the experience of sensory feedback, like, touching and feeling a button that doesn’t actually exist.

Ultrahaptics have been gaining traction with the system, as it seems to have many functional applications beyond virtual reality. However, the potential for this product within VR is something that may be worth paying attention to.

The UK based developers have recently secured a cash injection of €1.49 million from the EU. explains that:

“The company (Ultrahaptics) applied for the grant under the commission’s Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme which aims to foster the development of fast-growing, innovative SMEs with promising, close-to market ideas bearing high disruptive potential in terms of products, services, models, and markets.”

This is exciting news for ultrahaptics as it will support the project greatly going forward, Tom Carter, CTO at the company stated “The immediate result is that we will be expanding the company here in Bristol.” Although the cash injection is a massive step forward, it could be argued that it may be a while before any real, viable, virtual reality applications are actually available for the consumer market. But this may still be a good one to look out for.

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