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A Brief Update On Haptics And Input Devices

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A Brief Update On Haptics And Input Devices

With the recent news from Oculus, that the rift will come with an XboxOne controller on it’s release in early 2016. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the other developments currently happening on the subject of Virtual and Augmented Reality inputs. So with out any further delay, heres a brief update on the latest Virtual Reality haptic device pop ups.

With what seems to be an endless flow of haptic devices and input controls popping up on Kickstarter and the wider web, it’s hard to get a clear understanding of which ones will take the market, if any. Here’s a brief article giving some detail on the current state of virtual reality inputs, starting with the most recent debuts.

The GloveOne has recently appeared on Kickstarter and seems to be doing ok. It has managed to achieve $59,265 of its $150,000 target, with 28 days still to go at the time of this article. This new haptic glove design follows a similar method to the OmiGlove, but in this case uses a series of actuators that are distributed along the palm and fingertips of the glove. Some of the demonstration videos show the glove being used to simulate rain drops falling on the users hand, and the warmth from a fire. It does seem that design may be able to bring a little extra to the table in terms of control and response, even though the design is similar OmniGlove’s bladder system.

The UltraHaptics is another system we have a keen eye on. The innovative feedback design uses Ultrasound to create sweet spots, that in turn translate in to force feedback. Users in demonstrations describe the sensation to being similar to the resistance from airflow. The Ultrahaptics design has recently been granted €1.49 million to further the idea. To find out more about this project and the grant it received click here.

Some other haptic devices worth mentioning are Dexmo, ControlVR and the OmniGlove to name a few. Find out more about these projects in the video below.




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