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VR Youtubers

A growing list of Virtual Reality channels on Youtube

Watching gaming videos has become a common pastime for many of us in the modern world. A platform that has seen its popularity sky rocket over the the past 10 or so years. There are many reasons cited for the popularity of gaming videos becoming so great, from dishonest game trailers, to a distrust in gaming media, to a desire to see raw reactions of a game that you weren’t otherwise aware of, or just the fact that people want to know more about games they have an interest in, content updates, new features, bug fixes, etc. In reality, it’s probably a mixture of all of these things.

If we look back into the history of video gaming, we can see that from the dawn of readily available Video capture and screen recording software, gameplay footage has been recorded and documented. From the early days of the screen shot walkthroughs, that still carry on today, to the likes of GameCenter CX, the Japanese tv show that has been broadcasting gaming vids and other gaming content since 2003. Additionally, the gaming community has long been contributing content of this nature, leading to the ‘Lets Play’ videos, walkthrough vids, reviews and all of the other content that we have come to expect from our favorite content creators.

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Since 2003, GameCenter CX has shown footage of games being played, accompanied by a running commentary to keep the audience engaged. The show starred Shinya Arino, who made up one half of the comedy duo Yoiko. Shinya played through video game titles from previous era’s with the aim of completing them in one session and is still broadcasting today.  At the time however, these videos weren’t technically defined as ‘lets plays’.

The term ‘lets play‘ (or LP) is commonly credited to Michael Sawyer, who used the online handle “slowbeef”. Sawyer was an active member of the Something Awful forums, and posted game walk-through’s along with other community members. This idea went on to slowly manifest itself into what was later coined VLP, Video Lets Play. In a Tumblr post titled DID I START LET’S PLAY? SlowBeef explains how the idea came to be, stating, ”

The Immortal was originally a screenshot LP, but I had the idea for the videos as supplements. Lo and behold, people preferred the video, so I switched to that.

Then, with the progression of Youtube’s web dominance in this domain, and later, the introduction of Twitch, we began to see thriving avenues that facilitated this practice. Which brings us up to now, when ‘Lets Play’ videos, ‘Walkthrough’ videos, live stream competitions and everything in between have become a popular norm for those of us interested in the subject.


Gaming on Youtube has now become so common place that 11 out of the top 20 Youtube channels are centered around gaming, and between them have accumulated well over 10 billion views. Putting Youtubers like PewdiePie amongst some of the popular household names in media. With this in mind, we thought we would take a look at how the VR space is panning out on Youtube. So without further ado, here is our list of VR Youtube channels that are emerging…

List of Virtual Reality Youtuber’s, in no specific order


VR Brotherhood

Pretty Neat VR








Game Hard 4.0





The VR Shop

VR Review

Only In VR

VR Forum

The Rift Arcade 



Cymatic Bruce

VR Gorilla

Silicon Valley Virtual Reality

Simon Botterill

VR Premium


Elemental Spark

VR Global

In Film


Koncept VR


Road to VR



HTC Vive

If you notice any channels missing from the list, or you have a channel of your own that you think should be listed, then feel free to let us know at Info@VRRelated.com. Also, feel free to subscribe to our Youtube Channel here


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