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AltspaceVR Release VR Calls: Call Friends In VR

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Today, AltspaceVR, the social networking platform for virtual reality, has announced the release of their new app, VR Call. VR Call allows users to get together and chat with friends or other people they meet in VR.

The new app, from AltspaceVR, is compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones and is accessed via the GearVR. Users on desktop and those with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets will also be able to join calls, providing they have AltspaceVR installed.

Once installed users will be able to invite friends to hang out in VR to enjoy some of the things that AltspaceVR has to offer. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Altspace, it’s a platform whereby users can connect to virtual environments, either in a public or private setting.

Some of the things you can do in Altspace include a disc golf game, watching YouTube on a big screen, exploring their house maze, and their latest edition, a social drawing game.

The social drawing game has been added specifically for the release of VR Calls, and it invites players to challenge their friends to a game of Sketch Off. A game where a player has to draw words while others try to guess what the player is drawing.


You can download AltspaceVR from the Google Play store for free and “VR Calls are sent via email, SMS or your favorite messaging service on your mobile phone.”

There are also a few events happening, throughout the day, to celebrate the launch of the new app. Check out some details about those below.

11am PDT
Eric Romo, CEO of AltspaceVR, introduces
VR Call

10am, 1pm, 5pm PDT
New user tours

6pm PDT
Town hall meeting with Cymatic Bruce

Head over to AltspaceVR to find out more about the things they offer.



Jomas McCormick

Jomas is an Intern at VRRelated, In the VR scene he also taught kids aged predominantly between 9-15 how to create Virtual Reality content. Jomas also used to host Virtual Reality events to show his community the future that is just around the corner. Now, he's focusing on his goals on making a difference in the world by doing the small things that make a difference in peoples lives, an example being his 0 dollar budget 24hr VRCharity Stream in 2016 which raised over 7000 dollars for the Blind Foundation!

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