Castrol Edge Make Epic Looking Virtual Driving Experience

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Austin Evans gets stuck in to Castrol Edge’s latest project. A project in which they set out to test exactly how real Virtual Reality can be. To do so, Castrol Edge have placed Facebook’s Oculus Rift into a helmet that runs off of a mammoth computer. The team’s tech guys then built software that reads the inputs from the car, such as the steering and throttle and braking system etc.  There is also a Real-Time-Kinematic (RTK) that tracks the 600HP Mustang’s movements in real time.

When wearing the helmet the driver is completely blind to the real world, and can only see what is displayed on the Oculus Rift. The driver is then transported, by the Oculus Rift into a virtual world filled with boulders, falling roads, mountains and all of the exciting stuff you would expect from an epic computer generated race track. The test seems to have been pretty immersive judging by the reactions in this clip.  Which isn’t too bad as they claim they only just got it working the day before testing.




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