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VR Games Review: CDF Starfighter

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CDF Starfighter, built from the ground up for VR with Unreal Engine 4, is a space combat simulator with one major goal in mind, space combat.  It opens early access on April 5th for Oculus Rift DK2, CV1, OSVR and HTC Vive. While drawing inspiration from Freespace, Star Wars, Freelancer and Wing Commander, Starfighter, set 350 years in the future, immerses the player by assuming the role of a skilled pilot in a quest to save mankind in the CDF (Colonial Defense Force) Universe.



CDF Starfighter, which successfully completed it’s Steam Greenlight campaign in 2015, is set for a late 2016 release. Shaun Williams, sole creator of Starfighter, stated that there is a huge and final pre-release update coming April 1st. Shaun, you better not be pulling our legs on that update release! Starfighter will also be coming to PSVR upon release. CDF Starfighter does have some similarities between Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, and Eve Valkyrie, but it differs by focusing mainly on the space combat fighter pilot side and story mode.

While still in development, the game plays very nice. Scale, headtracking, graphics, and combat are all top notch. The game is mainly controller based at the moment, but will have joystick implementation in the near future. With most cockpit based games, joysticks and steering wheels add an incredible amount of immersion to the experience, so we will be very anxious to try this out, once that implementation has been put into place.

Keep an eye on this gem as it approaches it’s final release. As stated before, it is expected to be released late 2016. It will be on Oculus Home by the end of the month. Head on over to Mag Studios to keep up to date the game.

Key Features :

  • Six degrees of freedom with a unique pick up and play control system.
  • 5 Single player game modes.
  • Designed for VR from the ground up for comfort, fun and an immersive experience.
  • 6 Different playable Ships.
  • Re-Supply for fuel, health and ammo on certain missions.
  • Multiple game modes including challenges, simulations, scramble, free flight and campaign mode.
  • Non-Linear story-line in campaign mode with multiple endings.
  • Full immersion from a first person view all the way through the game.
  • Vast and beautiful locations from the CDF Universe.
  • Free flight mode for VR explorers.
  • Huge single Player content and an ambitious community driven multiplayer pipeline.
  • Prove your worth with player rankings, achievements, and leader-boards.
  • Community driven development with regular updates and newly added features and content.


“CDF Starfighter gives you the opportunity to become an elite starfighter pilot on an epic single player adventure in a non-linear story line. Designed from the ground up for VR and boasting a pick up and play control system CDF Starfighter puts you in the role of a space fighter pilot.”

Shaun Williams has been a commercial sci-fi artist for over 20 years and has a bachelors degree in games design. Working on the Freespace Mod TBP (The Babylon project) for many years at the start of the millennium was great experience for CDF Starfighter. Shaun formed MAG Studios (Mad about games) studios in 2012 and has released 2 games on steam.

Check out Gameplay footage of CDF with Pretty Neat VR






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