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Connect, Perform & Now Replay: Altspace VR Announces VR capture

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Founded in 2013, Altspace VR is currently the most complete Social VR platform. Free and available for HTC Vive, Oculus CV1 and the Gear VR in more than 150 countries, Altspace VR makes it easy to meet/make friends in VR. But non only: Slack integration, 3D painting, games (D&D, Maze, etc), meditation sessions, live events (recent live events have included Drew Carey, Duncan Trussell, Justin Roiland, Al Roker, Chuck Todd, and Reggie Watts). Altspace VR clearly stands out. 

As we can read on Altspace VR’s website, “We are a communications platform committed to creating shared experiences inside virtual reality. This includes gaming experiences, like Dungeons and Dragons or our latest experiences Sketchy Quiz and Disc Golf, or meeting up with friends to watch YouTube or play your favorite Twitch stream. We also have larger entertainment events we host like VR Comedy and VR Storytelling for the users to come and enjoy each other’s company.”

Today, Altspace VR announced VR Capture, the first integrated solution for the capture, distribution and playback of live virtual reality (VR) performances and events. Unlike 360 video with its fixed viewing location, VR Capture offers the full live experience where users can move throughout the event space, experiencing the show from any angle.

“Most other forms of electronic communications–telephone, radio, video, video conferencing, television–depend on the ability to record and replay content. (…) Users who miss live events want to see them and have been asking for a solution. VR Capture brings an analogous capability to the VR market. (…) Being able to capture and playback anything that happens in AltspaceVR will encourage artists, creators and performers to leverage their talents and better satisfy a growing VR market that is hungry for content.” says E. Romo, CEO.

Last Wednesday, I’ve been invited to join Bruce Wooden (Head of Experience at Altspace VR) and Eric Romo (Altspace VR’s CEO) for a special moment. They had something amazing to show me they said. I put my hands on my Vive and I join them to attend a comedy show by Reggie Watts, or should I say a recording of a live show by Reggie Watts. The live event itself took place two days earlier but here he was, on stage, doing his show again. Colorful dots indicates the presence of attendees and I  could see their emotions via emojis. They did it, I was whispering to myself. They created the video tape recorder of VR! Check it out, in 2D:


Sadly, this feature will not be available to Altspace’s users right away. As said E. Romo: “While VR Capture opens the door for a variety of creative applications, AltspaceVR will initially be using it for the capture and playback of live events, making them more available for audiences around the world.” I say sadly because I can foresee so many ways to use this feature, starting with creating animations in VR, teaching 3D painting techniques, leaving a message to a friend,  giving a class, replaying good memories, etc.  The list is exponential.

We did that because of so many complaints of fans that couldn’t attend our events because they were depending of PT (Pacific Time) or ET (Eastern Time): “People can easily join, but scheduling for fans located across time zones is a challenge. Now, for the first time, this content can be captured and then scheduled for a fully immersive VR experience at a later time for groups of any size.  Providers can maximize the value of their content with multiple showings and fans get more opportunities to experience live events.”


Eric Romo, Co-Founder & CEO, was the closing keynoter at the VR 20/20 conference hold in NYC last month.

VR capture at a glance:

  • Users who miss live events want to see them and have been asking for a solution
  • VR Capture has hard-to-imagine new creative possibilities and a wide range of applications;
  • Capturing is easy and instantly available for playback
  • Playback is in full VR, you can move around from any POV (unlike 360 video)
  • Does not require special equipment, editing software or high-end computers



Experience the new technology during a live demonstration on Nov. 10 at 8 PM PT in Altspace VR (Please note that link will go active few minutes before the demo)
Other Social VR platforms worth to mention are Rec Room, VR Chat, Pool Nation, etc.



Alecz is currently initiating HIGHWAY101, Experiential Techgnology Community, a VR-focused hub based in NYC that represents visionary creators in NYC, builds a network of industry influencers, and actively participates in industry events and festivals. He's co-organizer of The Virtual Art Collective Meetup in NYC that focuses on painting, sculpting and animating in VR.

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