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Crystal Rift Now On Steam Sale

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If you’re looking for a new game to play in Virtual Reality and aren’t yet familiar with Crystal Rift, then you may be happy to know that it has made its way onto Steam sale – now retailing for a modest £2.09 ($3 USD).

The corridor based dungeon crawler made its way to VR fans back in March, when it one of the mediums most fleshed out titles. Since then it has become a bit of community favorite for those able to stomach the motion.

Developed by Psytec Games, players of Crystal Rift find themselves in a dimly lit dungeon, through which they have to navigate a path, while simultaneously fending off the unsavory beings that lurk within. According to the developers, Crystal Rift is inspired by “games such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder with grid-based movement”.

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Expect to find a mixture of puzzles and challenges as you explore the atmospheric environment. There is also a built-in ‘map maker’ for those of you with a creative flare, as well as, the option to switch a ‘scare mode’ off and on

Virtual Reality was at the forefront of the development. However, the title is also available for play in a traditional desktop setting. The Steam review section displays a ‘Mixed Reviews” result. The majority of the negative reviews appear to come from those playing on desktop, though.

Crystal Rift is available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and comes with an extreme nausea rating, so make sure you’re aware of this before committing to any purchasing decisions. Not that it’s going to break the bank at that price.

Head here to learn more about Crystal Rift and its developers. Or head here to check out the Steam sale.

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