Defense Grid 2 and ‘God View’ Games In VR

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Defense Grid 2 and ‘God View’ Games In VR

With so much news coming in from this year’s Oculus Connect 2 event, we thought we would take a step back, and get a closer look at some of the stuff that’s been mentioned. Defense Grid 2 is a popular tower defense game that many of you are probably aware of. Like most games from independent production houses, it had a bit of a rough ride in its early days. From being told by Microsoft in 2007 that “Defense Grid was dead”, to being revived byValve in 2008, and then finally being released on XBLA in 2009. Defense Grid has been through it all, and is a great example of a breakthrough studio batting the odds to success. The highly experienced team at Hidden Path Entertainment battled on through all the times that the future was unknown, and led Defense Grid to become a cult classic to PC and console gamers alike. Now with the latest news announced at the Oculus annual conference, Defense Grid 2 will be making an appearance in VR.

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When speaking about how the game will carry over to the Virtual Reality platform, Jeff Probst, CEO and founding partner of Hidden Path Entertainment, mentioned

“when the Oculus folks said, ‘Your game would be good for Virtual Reality’, it was a surprise to us. It didn’t occur to us that this was a VR game. But once we started implementing VR around the game. The sense of immersion you get. Makes you feel like you know so much more about what’s going on, that you really feel like you have more flexibility to play the game.”


This is an idea that we have touched on before, after playing CityZ, a simple top down zombie survival shooter, that takes place in a sandbox environment. The overview of the game space, that you get in VR, completely trumps that of its counterpart 2D experience. Being able to scan the environment as though you are looking down from above, gives you full tactical precision when viewing the field of play. So we can definitely see why Oculus thought this would be a good go to for VR.

Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition will be released with Oculus support in Q1, 2016, along with the consumer Rift. The controls of the game have been redesigned to suit the platform, making it a VR Game that we are definately looking forward to getting our hands on. In the meantime, check out some other games of this type that we think would work well in VR.


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