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E3 Rethinks Floor Plan To Accommodate Virtual and Augmented Reality Interest

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E3 Rethinks Floor Plan To Accommodate Virtual and Augmented Reality Interest

The Virtual Reality buzz has rocked the gaming industry right down to its roots. With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (A.K.A E3) this year turning in to a sell out event, where more then 27 exhibitors will showcase their ideas and innovations.

The influx in interest in Virtual and Augmented reality has been so great, that E3 has had to rethink the 350,000 square feet floor plan. The Wall Street Journal reported explaining “shifting tastes are creating more space dedicated to virtual and augmented reality, online gaming and mobile apps.” Oculus Rift will most likely take centre stage, with Sony also set to reveal more about their future in the world of VR. The Floor plan shows Oculus taking a large booth on the opposite end of the exhibition to Sony. HTC and Valve, it seems, will not be showing their Vive headset.

E3 also plans to open the door to 5000, influential consumers and fans with a large social media presence, on an invitation only basis. This is the first year that this has been done, and marks a shift in the way consumers respond to information.

It seems to be shaping up to be a very interesting event. Even though some key game makers, still remain skeptical or reserved on VR by avoiding it entirely. Whether they are waiting out the initial wave to see how tide changes or not remains to be seen. But we will be keeping our eyes on all that unfolds for sure.

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