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Eve: Valkyrie Carrier Assault Update Coming 20th June

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CCP Games, the makers of the groundbreaking VR title, Eve: Valkyrie, have announced that a free update called ‘Carrier Assault’ will be coming to the title on the 20th June 2016.

The update will add new layers of objective-based gameplay to the adventure, by allowing players to calculate attacks on enemy carriers.

According to, CCP Roo, in a blog post cited on the company’s website. The core goal of the update is

“delivering that hallowed trench run moment that has been etched into the minds of many a Sci-Fi fan.”

Bringing the carrier down is a three-tiered attack that will first require depleting the ship’s shields. This part of the fight takes the shape of a ‘domination’ style battle, whereby players need to seize and hold two of the three relay stations located throughout the map. The carriers shield will begin depleting if two of more of the towers are under player control.

The next step is to attack the carrier ship by taking out the defenders and neutralizing the cooling nodes for its defense system, so it’s much more ‘seek and destroy’. Once onboard you will be ready to for the final step. This part of the battle takes place at the carrier’s core. It’s the endgame of the update that will culminate in the blazing destruction of the Carrier ship, no doubt followed by an onslaught of victory loops.

There are also some other bits mentioned that will be coming with the update, including a new multiplayer map called Crossroads that will be playable in PVP and PVE modes such as Survival and Scout. There will also be some updates and bug fixes, and the addition of a ‘Boost Gate’ that will give players a temporary speed boost when attacking the Carrier Ship.

Eve: Valkyrie was an Oculus Rift release title that shipped along with the consumer headset at the time of launch, in March 2016. And, has been branded by the community as one of the first, ‘must have’ VR games. However, if you are the owner of the another headset, or are planning to be, then you need not be alarmed, as this Sci-Fi VR title will be on its way to PSVR in October, and will be heading to HTC Vive at some point in 2016.

Check out the Eve: Valkyrie Carrier Assault trailer below.




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