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Facebook Join With TwoBigEars To Standardise Audio Workflow In VR

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TwoBigEars, the developers of complete spatial audio workflow, 3Dception, have announced that they will be joining with Facebook to scale their technology.

Audio is often the understated element of a game or experience, but crucial none the less, and, according to the company, this move from Edinburgh based, Two Big Ears, is a bid to define how spatial audio is created in the future of VR and AR.

Arguably, out of sync audio can be one of the biggest immersion breakers, in any form of media. Two Big Ears are best known for, 3Dception, their solution to this problem, first released late last year.

Creating a believable, spatial audio mix is no easy task, there are many variables that affect the way we perceive sound, 3Dception is a workflow that consists of rendering/syncing tools and plugins that can be used in conjunction with popular DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation’) and editing environments. The software plugins add additional spatial data to audio tracks to create a ‘3-dimensional’ mix that is then rendered in real time based on head tracking information fed back by the headset (HMD).


Two Big Ears will be joining with Facebook to re-release the project under the title of Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation in a bid to standardize the audio workflow in this space.

Current users will not be affected by Facebooks acquisition of the software, and will still have access to all features, as well as, “support in accordance with your current agreement” for the next 12 months, according to the companies website.

As reported by TheVerge, there will be some limitations, new users won’t have access to the Unity plugin, and audio engines, Wwise, and FMOD. However, a statement from Two Big Ears explained that they “will continue to be platform and device agnostic” trying not to box themselves into one platform.

To find out more about the acquisition head here, or visit the Two Big Ears website here.

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