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Facebook Unveil Their Own 360 Camera Design

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Social media giant Facebook, have made another leap into the Virtual Reality market by unveiling their adaptation of a 360 camera array. The camera was revealed at the company’s annual F8 developer conference and goes by the name of Facebook Surround360.

Surround 360 is a futuristic looking mount that holds 17 cameras in a circular array, all of which an equal distance apart from one another. Footage from the cameras is then stitched together to form complete, 360-degree videos.

Interestingly, the company has decided to give the designs for the Surround 360 away as open source freeware; this includes the intricate software needed to stitch the footage together.

Facebook has announced that they plan to release the designs for the Surround 360 camera for, via Github, in summer 2016.

The Camera array will join Facebooks growing roster of VR assets, alongside the Oculus Rift that launched last month.


With the Social Media platform now supporting the upload of 360 content, and their Oculus headsets now out in the public domain, the move to release the designs as open source is another swing by Facebook to complete the content chain for the new, 360 video medium.

The move from Silicon Valley’s social media magnate is similar to the set up we witnessed with Google and their Jump project back in mid-2015. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for creators to create content for the platform. With the hope of having a knock-on effect further down the line, at the point of consumption.

Facebook are showing an increasing interest in video content in general, with the release of their live streaming support added recently. All of which making sense to demonstrate that the company is interested in maintaining and growing and share in video content space, both in the 360 sector, as well as at a the user level.



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