Farpoint Announced As PSVR Exclusive

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Today, during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s presentation, at the annual E3 gaming conference 2016, the company revealed a barrage of new PSVR exclusive titles that will be heading our way.

One of which was Farpoint, a new title announced along with a short gameplay trailer, played to the live E3 audience. The trailer shows off some of the visuals that we can expect to see in the forthcoming title – that takes place on an alien planet.

The reveal trailer for the sci-fi adventure takes the viewer through a sequence that features VR gunplay that looks to be controlled by motion controllers. It then progresses through a series of volatile situations as the desert like, alien planet is explored.


Farpoint, developed by Impulse Gear, a San Fran Sisco based studio formed in 2013, is the first game to be released by the team.

“Impulse Gear is comprised of developers with both AAA console and mobile game development experience. The core team has over 40 years of experience developing some of the biggest titles at EA, Sony Computer Entertainment,” explains Impulse Gear on their home page.

There is still no announcement of a release date at this time, and there is not much more information to be found on the companies website.

During the presentation mentioned above, there were also a few other games announced. Including Final Fantasy XV VR support, Batman Arkham VR, by Rocksteady, and Star Stars Battlefront X-Wing VR Version, which will all be making their way to the platform.




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