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Fashion Heavyweight Dior Enters The Virtual Reality Market

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It seems like there are more and more Virtual Reality headsets popping on to the market every other day, so it’s not usually a surprise when we hear that another one has been announced. However, this may not be the case for the latest Virtual Reality development. A recent move announced by Dior, one of the of the more influential names in the fashion world, will definately turn some heads.

The fashion brands Virtual Reality project is called Dior Eyes and is in collaboration with DigitasLBi Labs in France. The headset will be available in selected Dior stores allowing customers to go backstage at one of the label’s biggest fashion shows. According to the developers it will be the first Augmented Reality headset that will incorporate 360 video and binaural audio. Some tech specs for the Dior Eyes headset include a “the headpiece embeds a high density screen (515 ppp) providing a 2K image resolution, in other words hardly pixelated, associated with a FOV (Field of Vision) close to 100°.”

Dior have also released a video that shows the making of the headset. From what’s shown in the video it seems to be a little bulky, however the implications of this device g beyond the device itself. The fact that Dior and other fashion brands are making moves in to the Virtual Reality area means that the market will only keep getting wider.





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