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Gear VR Marks the beginning of Consumer Virtual Reality

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Gear VR Marks the beginning of Consumer Virtual Reality

The journey has begun

The release of GearVR, the market spearhead device from Samsung and Oculus has marked the beginning of mainstream consumer Virtual Reality. The high tech mobile phone accessory -that allows you to transform the flagship Samsung Galaxy mobile phone’s in to a completely wireless virtual reality headset – is now available to purchase in a growing number of territories. The launch initially offered U.S customers access to the consumer edition and has since sold out on Amazon and Best Buy priced at $99.00. Availability in the U.K and the rest of the globe is yet to be disclosed, an Oculus spokesman stating that these announcements will be coming “soon”.

The fact that the headset has sold out in the U.S already is a great sign for the opening gambit of the project backed by Oculus. As it looks like Virtual Reality has come flying out of the gates, meeting a greater demand than retailers anticipated. It also means that the price point is looking about right. Development for the GearVR took place over a few stages of evolution, transforming from its two ‘innovator’ edition predecessors. Some of the improvements made to the consumer version can be found here.

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There is already an abundance of great content available for the GearVR platform. Here’s a list of some of the most downloaded app’s found on, and we have also provided some links for some other curated content below, enjoy 🙂



1 – Dreadhall’s

Dreadhall’s is a Virtual Reality horror that takes you through a labyrinth of procedurally generated dungeons. The experience leads you through dark expanses of the winding corridors, with plenty of jump scares no the way. This one is not for the faint hearted, so be warned! 🙂



2 – Sonar

Sonar is a cool little experience that allows you to explore and discover a deep underground cave system. The app is billed as “a new kind of cinematic entertainment, striking a balance between traditional movie making and interactive media.”



3 – The Cryogenian

This app allows you explore the depths of a pre rendered billion year old ice glacier. The project is designed by Julius Horsthuis and the gripping score written by Chillheimer. This is another passive experience and definitely worth a try.



Also, these are a few additional links to some curated content for the GearVR:

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