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GearVR To Be Shipped In November 2015

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GearVR To Be Released In November 2015

The MobileVR market is something we’ve been touching on a lot recently, and this article is no exception. The recent news about GearVR from Samsung’s SVP Peter Koo. Announced at 
Oculus Connect 2 today in California, meant that we are happy to cover the subject again. The first announcement was that GearVR is designed for Samsung’s “2015 line of flagship smartphones.” The Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge +, S6 and S6 Edge. There have also been improvements to the weight of the GearVR headsets, something that a lot of VR HMD developers seem to be striving toward. Peter Koo mentions that the device is now 22% lighter, with improvements to ergonomics regarding the devices comfort, and the removal of the strap that goes over your head. Excellent news for those of you that are conscious about messing up your hair. One of the most important things to mention, is the “improvement to the touch pad and overall feel.” The smooth touch pad on the previous version of GearVR, shown in the image below, has been replaced with the more familiar D-pad set up. This is no doubt a change that has been made to improve the users ability to navigate the controls, without the use of their vision.


Previous GearVR touch pad

GearVR previous Touch Pad (1)

GearVR D-Pad announced at Oculus Connect 2015GearVR d pad close up. (1) (1)



GearVR will also come with a bundle of content, that will no doubt continue to evolve as more and more premium content is developed for the platform. An example of this, also mentioned at the annual conference, was Oculus Arcade, a platform that will allow you to play some classic titles from the likes of Sega, Warner brothers and other big names. Some other titles that will be available for the platform are Bazaar, an artistically creative Mobile VR game from Temple Gate Games that has you searching the sky on a magic carpet.

Some other title’s include:

GearVR announced content Oculus Connect 2015


All this news from Samsung coincides greatly with the news that internet streaming giant Netflix will be available for GearVR. Taking us one step closer to the future of home cinema and entertainment experiences. The news was announced by Max Cohen, Head of Mobile for Oculus, and is reported on in greater detail here.

Another crucial announcement, is the release date and price. GearVR will be released in November 2015, just in time for Black Friday, and will go on sale for $99.00 USD (approx. £65.00 GBP). Which brings it in at half the price of the previous model, and will mean that it could end up in your Christmas stocking. *Apologizes for mentioning Christmas in September*

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