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Google Earth VR Has Landed

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Planning a holiday is about to get a new facelift, no longer will you need to arrive at a new destination lost, confused, and be completely unfamiliar with your surroundings. Now, with the use of Google’s latest update, Google Earth VR, you can explore new destinations before you arrive, or, you can check out your house and see it from a variety of angles like never before!

Available for free to HTC Vive users over at Steam, HMD owners can now plummet themselves into the vast expanse of space and look back at the spherical rock that we call home. From here you can set your sights on anywhere that you desire.

It has ten years since Google began its quest to capture the world digitally, and this new move coined by some as ‘VR’s killer app’ could end up being one small step for the Internet giant, and one massive leap for VR.

Google Earth VR, Now Available On Steam!

As it stands, Google Earth VR is available exclusively to HTC Vive owners and gives them access to a bundle of curated content for those who want to take a tour of the planet. Some of the locations in the curated content include The Ruins of Rome, Hong Kong Stadium the Amazon River and other locations existing within the 196.9 million square miles of planet earth.


Matterhorn, Switzerland, Google Earth VR

Additionally, Using HTC Vives hand controllers, users can teleport and navigate the meandering streets, cities, rivers and oceans to their heart’s content. But what about other platforms you ask? According to the press release, Google hints that the application is to be made available on other platforms sometime next year.

Click here to download the app, or to check if your system meets its requirements, and stick with VRRelated for more VR News and Reviews.




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