GoPro Take Their First Steps In To Virtual Reality

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GoPro have taken their first steps into the world of virtual reality. They have recently announced that they have agreed to buy french software startup Kolor, who specialize in creating 360 degree interactive videos. In the near future we could be watching videos of skateboarders, surfers or any sport you can point a GoPro at, in a fully immersive world that you are free to explore.

Kolor will be joining with GoPro in May, GoPro have said that having this technology will be a foundation in what is called “spherical content’. Kolor’s software works by stitching together pictures and video to create panoramic scenes. By using GoPros professional mount which holds multiple cameras, you’ll be able to shoot 360 degree video and then use kolors software to create virtual reality videos.

It’s been said by GoPro that the spherical videos will be compatible with Google’s Cardboard system, this is a basic cardboard mount that holds your smartphone and gives you an impression of a virtual reality headset (such as the oculus rift) but compatibility should soon cross over to other virtual reality systems. GoPro have put together a 4K video to demonstrate what its mount can do in conjunction with Kolor’s software, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMBDA-Our4w watch this in a chrome web browser to be able to move around in the footage.

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