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HTC Link Announcement – Mobile VR With 6DoF

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According to a press release from HTC Nippon, the HTC Corporation is releasing a new “Smart VR device” to compete with the likes of Samsungs Gear VR.

The plan to head deeper into the VR space follows on from the announcement of the companies new flagship smartphone handset, HTC U11, earlier in the year.

Also, according to HTC, the new headset, named “LINK” is the first device of its kind to offer a full, “6 degrees of freedom” (6DoF) experience. A “high-performance CPU and VR-lens” are cited as being the reasons for achieving this functionality. As “it became possible to instantaneously synchronize the movement of the VR viewing screen with the body.”

Googles translation of the spec sheet cited in the press release reveals the following:

  • HMD Size: Approximately 197.69 mm (width) x 116.61 mm (height) x 167.33 mm (depth)
  • HMD Weight: 554 g (provisional value) * USB (Type-C) Including Y cable
  • FOV: 110 Degrees (Approx)
  • Battery: Approx 2,800 mAh
  • Display: Approximately 3.6-inch Amortret liquid crystal X 2 (1080 x 1200 pixels each, 90 Hz refresh rate)
  • External connection: USB (Type-C) Y cable, 3.5 mm audio jack

According to a Reddit post by Oculus founder, Palmer Lucky, the headset is compatible with the U11 handset through USB Type-C. Although, it could be compatible with other handsets. In a comment posted in the same Reddit thread, Palmer explains, “Supporting other phones should be technically possible, but very difficult to implement and support in practice.

*Press shot of HTC LINK*

At the moment, there is currently no price point announced for the device, however, HTC has stated that “we plan to sell through a communication carrier (sold separately as an accessory) and further realize a selling method that is easy for our customers.”

They also suggest that content for the platform “will be deployed towards ‘LINK’ sequentially in line with the abundant lineup that we have cultivated in ‘VIVE’.”

There is also a mention of bundled items included with the headset that consists of items such as a Stereo Camera and 2 6DoF controllers that appear to come with batteries included. See the full list below.

The LINK headset from HTC will presumably be released along with their summer launch of the aforementioned flagship handset.

1x stereo camera
2x 6DoF controllers
1x LED Marker for HMD
2x Straps for the controllers
4x Alkaline AAA batteries
1x Set of Earphones







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