Huawei VR headset Unveiled In China

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The VR industry is a rapidly growing market, and many technology companies are already making a play to claim their stake. From the likes of Samsung, with its GearVR headset, to the likes of LG and its headset for its new G5 Smartphone.

So it stands to reason that we will continue to see this trend grow, the latest example of this coming from Chinese group, Huawei, who revealed their own headset earlier today. The unveiling of the Huawei VR headset came at the companies launch event for their new P9 smartphones.

Huawei VR is a device that works in a similar way the Samsung’s GearVR, by using the hardware in the mobile phone to run applications and presenting them through the viewing device.

Similar to other mobile VR devices, the Huawei Vr gives the user the ability to view 360 video content, play games built for the google VR platform, and access other VR experiences available for the system.

One of the downsides to the Huawei VR is that the P9 smartphones only have 1080p displays. Which will be a noticeable difference in the screen door effect, compared with the GearVR and Samsungs QHD on its smartphones.

Huawei has not yet announced a release date for the device, or which regions it will be available in, however, they have said that it will be “hitting markets in 2016” possibly this summer.




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