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Just Another Day In AltspaceVR

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VRrelated – Jomas Benfell
Just Another Day In AltspaceVR
On a Dark and Stormy night..



On a Dark and Stormy Night, The Heroes of The Tavern Come Out To Play..

Spending two hours inside Virtual Reality may sound intense, but when you’re with real people, nothing’s impossible. But inside Virtual Reality playing Dungeons and Dragons? Even better. Spending two hours in an immersive tavern with people, that at the beginning seem like strangers. But after two hours of Dungeons & Dragons, they become more, they become friends. AltspaceVR has a goal, it’s to bring people together, which it does very well. With support for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and GearVR it gives everyone the ability to play. As well as also supporting Leap Motion/Kinect 2.0 for hands, (Kinect also senses arms), and the HTC Vive controllers, which shows your controllers instead of hands. The cool thing about Altspace is that there’s also 3D sound, so you can talk to others as if they really are there. Altspace always has events throughout the week done by the Altspace team, or special guests such as Comedians, or even the creator of javascript! I started my experience with bugs, as soon as I got in the game it couldn’t detect my HMD, but after using it on my desktop, I was surprised. When I thought I was talking to an intro NPC, I realised this was a staff member introducing me into Altspace and welcoming me. after spending thirty minutes we fixed this bug, and I got straight into Dungeons & Dragons, But remember, Dungeons & Dragons isn’t the only thing on here, you can watch videos & live streams with people, socialise, browse the web, play games such as Chess. Pfft it’s basically Facebook in Virtual Reality, minus the advertisements, bad support times and lack of communication.

If you’re interested in checking this app out, go to:
Special Thanks To Dungeon Master: Kevin Lee (AltspaceVR’s Software Engineer)

The Next Dungeons & Dragons Event: 23rd January 2016 With David Middleton! (For both those that know how to play and want to learn how to play!)




Jomas McCormick

Jomas is an Intern at VRRelated, In the VR scene he also taught kids aged predominantly between 9-15 how to create Virtual Reality content. Jomas also used to host Virtual Reality events to show his community the future that is just around the corner. Now, he's focusing on his goals on making a difference in the world by doing the small things that make a difference in peoples lives, an example being his 0 dollar budget 24hr VRCharity Stream in 2016 which raised over 7000 dollars for the Blind Foundation!

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