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Kanye West Spotted at E3 and Causes Stir On Twitter

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Kanye West Spotted at E3 and Causes Stir On Twitter

Kanye’s arrival at E3 has naturally caused a bit of a stir on twitter. With reports all of the place of Ye’ being witnessed trying Virtual Reality, and other E3 goodies. In some photographs Kanye is pictured with his long hood covering his face, seemingly trying to keep a low profile. This is prompted people to ask the question, what is Kanye West doing at the E3 conference?

Earlier this year, Kanye appeared on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club radio show and spoke about a video game that he had been working on. Maybe he could be at the event to bring this project together. Who knows, either way, it seems to be another testament to the ever increasing interest in Virtual Reality.

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