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Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Gets An Update

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The popular Virtual Reality/Desktop hybrid, Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes has just received a new update. Players can now access new content, including, additional modules – to make for a harder to solve dilemma – new widgets and missions. And, a new environment that tasks players with disarming a bomb on a bus, which looks like a playful nod to the 1998 action movie, Speed, featuring Tom Cruise.

Developed by Steel Crate Games, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a cool title that uses a mixture of Virtual Reality, and Desktop feature’s to make up its gameplay. Players are required to work together to disarm a bomb before it detonates and will need to communicate, with one another, as best they can to avoid this outcome. In VR, one player will disarm the bomb in the headset, while the others reel off the information needed to do so. Known for its frantically fun playing style, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes a great game for social occasions and is one of the current few VR titles that offers local multiplayer gameplay.

Music plays a significant role in the intensity of the simple, yet effective, game style. Other update features include additions to the game’s original soundtrack. Producer Liam Sauve’s submissions make up a tense and dissonant ensemble, delivered across seven individual tracks, which also include some playful ‘elevator music’, in a jazz style, to add to the dynamics of the soundscape.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is currently on Steam sale, retailing for £7.25 GBP (Approx $9.34 USD) for the full game, and £10.56 (approx $13.60 USD) for a version bundled with the new soundtrack.

Head here to check out Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes on Steam. Or find out more about the game over at their website.





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