Merge VR Announces Entry in UK Market

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Merge VR Announces Entry in UK Market

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Texas Virtual Reality company Merge VR, have announced that they will be making an entry in the UK market. The company behind the Merge VR headset, have said that it will go on sale for the reasonable price of £49.99 (Approx,  $75.00, US). This will definitely be a great accessory for those that are just getting in to VR, and maybe don’t yet have the budget for desktop VR. Or those that want to be able to access the, rapidly growing, list of Mobile VR apps, on the move. The robust design of the Merge VR headset means that its durable enough to become a go to commuter item, so it may prove to be one of the must have mobile phone accessories of the near future. Along with other similar accessories in this area, such as Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

The Merge VR headset is a goggle design that is made with durable foam, using closed-cell technology. This prevents the surface from gathering sweat, and makes it easy to wipe clean. It also has adjustable lenses that allow for IPD detection and Optimized display. Other features of the design include an Audio Port, Controller port, and an optional head strap. Merge VR also offer a Mobile VR controller that uses Bluetooth technology, allowing users to control apps using their hands. This controller is the first of its kind, however it would be reasonable to assume that we will be seeing many more innovations in the Mobile VR input area. The Merge headset is compatible with iOS and android devices and will fit anything from the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy Note 4, and will be launched at Insomnia55.

Some of the benefits of Mobile VR over desktop VR, reside in the fact that there is an ever increasing amount of smartphones circulating the planet. The consumer base for these products will no doubt continue to grow, as the price for new and used handsets gets lower, and the availability increases. Some statistics cited at give as a look at what a part of that picture looks like.

new Smartphones sold to end users

Making use of the fact that many people are currently carrying devices capable of rendering VR experiences in their pocket, is definitely a good way to go. As, not only does it open up the market up for the more casual Virtual Reality consumer, it also brings a vast array of new avenues from a development perspective, as we are seeing with apps emerging, that enhance the way we can use technology to reinforce a narrative. Such as the thought provoking VR film project by Decontee Davis. Another benefit is that it means that, if you are currently a smartphone owner, then you have already committed to the majority of the purchase, and products like the Merge goggle will offer an easily accessible portal in to these worlds.


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