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Microsoft and Facebook Team UP To Go Head To Head With Sony

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The move by Microsoft and Facebook to team up on the Oculus Rift will no doubt serve to further ignite the marketing war with Sony. Its something that has definitely got the industry excited, as its another swift move from some of the key players in the world of Virtual Reality, and guarantees that Xbox fans will get their fair share of VR. The news was also followed up by the announcement of some titles that we should expect to see on this platform. As well as, information on the OculusTouch. The input device that we will use to control these games in the future. All of this and more was shared in the StepIntoTheRift broadcast that streamed yesterday on Twitch.

One of the titles mentioned at the conference was Chronos, a role playing game that is centered around an aging protagonist. The narrative takes place in tombs, and ancient ruins, that will seek to force an adaption of style as the game progresses, and the character gets older.

Also mentioned at the StepIntoTheRift conference was a game titled Edge Of Nowhere. This title release by Insomniac Games is exclusive to the Oculus. The game as a 3rd person action adventure that invites you to “Travel to the frigid reaches of the Antarctic in search of a missing expedition.”

It was also announced that the initial consumer Oculus Rift will be released with a wireless XboxOne controller, which will be used as the initial input device. It was suggested that this is due to the shortage of games developed exclusively for Virtual Reality. Lucky Palmer, Oculus Founder, talked about his thoughts on the issue at the event, describing the choice of input device as one of the key solutions to bridging the gap going forward.

Either way, it looks like there is set to be another interesting battle ahead of us, and there is still a whole load more to come with E3 right the doorstep.

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