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Microsoft works with Valve and Oculus to create standardized Solution for Tracking.

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Microsoft works with Valve and Oculus to create standardized Solution for Tracking.

Phil spencer recently revealed in an interview with Business Insider, that Microsoft would be working closely with Valve and Oculus to try and ensure windows 10 fully supports Virtual Reality. The idea is to build support for VR display in to the architecture of the system. Which should make for a smoother operation when using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices. This is due the fact that they will work natively, as opposed to being an addition further down the line. The next step in the Microsoft plan, is to try and standardize the Virtual Reality tracking system, by establishing themselves as a centralized platform within the market. This may be a smart move, and could bring a little order, to the somewhat chaotic picture that is the current state of virtual reality development. The benefits of this will mainly be to the development of games, as it will enable game devs to build for a single platform, which should help with boasting the number of VR games available, and the market in general. Phil Spencer stated:

“We don’t need three solutions to track where a player is, when everybody is tracking the same data, so I think that is a great role for us a platform holder, to talk to everybody, and say, lets have a single way to track where a user is in the world”. Phil Spencer – Head of Microsoft

The move is a step toward making the virtual reality experience a plug in and go set up. The support will so far include the Oculus Rift, Valves HTC headset, and Microsofts Hololens. This could also close in on Sony’s share of the market greatly, as Project Morpheus would only be native to the the Playstation 4 Console, and the Xbox One may have the ability to support some of the other leading devices. This also ties in with Microsoft’s future plans to create a completely connected network for all of their devices, using Windows 10 as the platform.

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