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MushroomBallVR Now Live On Kickstarter!

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MushroomBallVR Now Live On Kickstarter!

A 3rd-Person VR platformer for the Rift, with support for the Virtuix Omni!

MushroomBallVR, An Oculus Rift Experience inspired by Mario Kart And Super Monkey Ball! This game has just been released on Kickstarter and has been in “Beta” on public release for about a month now, it’s currently only a 10 minute demo which allows you to experience the game mechanics, which on the release will have many more levels, as well as a multiplayer feature.

MushroomBallVR will be available for $10 to pledgers and will come with other perks “that will allow you to name a mushroom and it’s effect, and possibly a character name The team at MushroomBallVR also have plans on bringing the game over to the MobileVR platform, so you may be able to give it a go on your Google Cardboard or GearVR in the future.

The game’s multiplayer mode will “allow you to build your own character within the game and you are dropped into a mushroom world with other players. From there you will be able to choose between a Racing Mode or a Battle Mode mini game or you can just hang out in the ‘Mushroomland’ and interact with your friends. We will continuously add more mini games to this world for players!

Another interesting point about MushroomBallVR is that it will have support for the OmniVirtuix. Which I can imagine would be amazing fun. A developer for the project told usit’s a perfect match due to its bowl shaped deck and adds a huge amount of presence to the game!

MushroomBallVR is now live on kickstarter, so head over there if you wanted to support the project, or if you just wanted to find out a little bit more about it. To See The Kickstarter, Click Here.


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