No Charge On Rift Pre-Orders Until They Ship

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Last night, Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, commented on Twitter saying that “Rift preorders are different from most of the games industry. You don’t get charged until we ship – no deposit lock-in, no bonus pressure.”

Which is great news for those still recovering from the Christmas and NYE spending spree’s. As this means that you will have at least one or two pay days to come in by the time the Rift money comes out.

-Palmer Sailing In To The Future-


He also went on to state in a following Tweet that “We won’t lock people into pre-orders months before reviews come out by using our awesome preorder bonuses. We have confidence in our product!”

Which was an announcement that was met with a keen response from Oculus Fans.

Some of the aforementioned  “pre-order bonuses” could be a reference to Eve: Valkyrie and Lucky’s tale. Although, the Oculus website explains that Lucky’s Tale will be “Included with all rift purchases”. Whereas, Eve: Valkyrie is only listed as, “Included with all rift pre-orders”.

He also answered some questions about the Rift and Oculus Touch and said “Good news, everyone: When you preorder Rift, you also reserve your spot for Touch preorders. First in line for Rift=First in line for Touch.”

He then responded to questions about a potential discount on Rift + Touch purchase and stated “People ask about Touch+Rift discount – Everyone with Touch needs a Rift, consider discount built into price of the subsidized Rift hardware.” Telling us that the Rift has been priced with the Touch in mind.

The flagship VR HMD from Oculus is due to launch for pre-orders in less then 10 miniutes! more about that here.





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