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CES2016: Deep Learning Everywhere With NVIDIA

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Credit: Bob Sherbin, Nvidia

NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced three important innovations tonight at CES2016 the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, the NVIDIA DriveWorks and the NVIDIA DRIVENET:

“Our roots are in gaming. But we’ve pivoted in recent years to three really big areas: virtual reality, deep learning and autonomous driving.”


1-DRIVE PX 2: ENVISIONING COMPUTING PLATFORMS FOR THE DRIVELESS REVOLUTION AND ACCELERATE ANY AR FRAMEWORKS IN THE WORLD: “NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 will be liquid-cooled, though there’s a fan option, as well. It’s self-driving supercomputer that fits in the trunk of your car. (…) It’s equivalent to 150 MacBook pros in the trunk of your car. (…) the first car company to deploy DRIVE PX 2 will be Volvo.”

2- NVIDIA DRIVEWORKS, THE TOOLKIT FOR THE SYSTEM TO PERCEIVE THE WORLD. “NVIDIA DriveWorks provides the pipeline for running perception, localization, planning and visualization.”

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3- THE AI RACE IS ON! “We’ve used this very platform to create NVIDIA DRIVENET, our very own deep neural network, with 9 inception layers, 3 convolutional layers, and 37 million neurons. It takes 40 billion operations to run information through the network once.”



EN BREF: If you thought NVIDIA was a company dealing with graphic cards for computers, well, you were right, but this ended a year ago. NVIDIA is now building powerful tomorrow’s AI networks.

 “What we used to do in a month, we now do it in a single day.”

Read the full keynote here.
Watch the keynote here.




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