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Oculus Covering Shipping Costs Up Until Today

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This morning, Oculus sent out an email to customers awaiting news on the delivery of thier consumer Oculus Rift (CV1). The email explains that anyone who managed to get their order by now will no longer have to pay for shipping.

The email (pictured below) opens with an apology for the lack of communication from Oculus concerning the shipping of the product and explains that the recent issues are apparently due to “component shortages.”


Reddit users have confirmed that the email is authentic, although, some are still waiting. As pointed out by Reddit user tojal this could be because “they’ve sent a large enough batch of emails to the same e-mail domain, so they need to let it “cool down” before they send more in order not to get blacklisted.”

Other users, from around the world, have confirmed that their orders been have adjusted, displaying a figure without shipping the price.

A comment from Reddit user z0rk0l confirms “50 euro’s shipping removed. It now says 699 euros in order history.”

People are currently unsure as to whether this applies to all Oculus orders or just those placed up until this point. However, we have read it as applying until to today.

Edit: Reddit user, and Oculus team member TheTwistgibber, has confirmed that the free shipping scheme will apply to all users that placed their orders before today.

TheTwistgibber was then asked “do you know if Palmer etc are going to do a public msg or update etc? also I understand if your not in the know persay also :)” H3ssian

To which he responded “We’ll work on updating Order Histories with estimates as stated in the email and orders placed before the end of the day Pacific Time on April 1st should show that shipping costs have been removed. We’re also working on getting shipping fees refunded back to those that shipped.”

We have reached out to Oculus to confirm, but no comment from them thus far. Check back to find out more about this story as it unfolds, or follow the conversation on Reddit.




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