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 Join us in our Oculus Release Games series. Where we take a closer look at some of the games, that are due to be ready in time for the launch of the VR buzz-maker, Oculus Rift.

Edge of Nowhere,  is a third person action adventure game, brought to us by Insomniac Games, and takes place in the Arctic Mountains. The premise of the game is based around a mission to rescue an expedition team that has gone missing.  The game has a lot of survival elements, as the rescue mission will lead you on a course that will test your protagonist to the extremes. 


This thrilling looking adventure is one of the games said to be released alongside the consumer oculus rift. Again, it looks like the third person view has been adopted to get over the nausea effect. Most reports coming back from people, able to test the game at E3, have stated that they experienced zero nausea when playing it. Which is all good news, and means for the time being, we may see more games developed in this manner. At least until a first person experience has been optimized enough to constitute a viable game solution.

That being said, we definitely looking forward to getting stuck in to this one.

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