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Dogfights in space!

Join us in our Oculus Release Games series. Where we take a closer look at some of the games, that are due to be ready in time for the launch of the VR buzz-maker, Oculus Rift.

EVE: Valkyrie puts you right in the cockpit of the action, as you participate in team based dog fights that take place in the depths of space. The game puts a large focus on realism, and immersion, and adopts a first person view. The player is able to choose between an array of ship classes, which will have an impact on the role they play on the battlefield.

The game is also designed from the ground up for Virtual Reality, and will be released on some of the leading VRHMD’s, including the Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus. Although, it is still unannounced whether consumers that opt for the HTC Vive will be able to play the game. Owen O’Brien, Executive Producer of EVE: Valkyrie, spoek about the subject in March 2015 and said, ”We are exclusive on the Oculus on PC at the moment, but we’re not ruling out other platforms in future. We’re making a ‘VR’ game, ultimately”.

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One would imagine, that this may mean that, with Microsoft’s future plans for VR with Windows 10, that we may well see that exclusivity waved. Especially considering the amount of VR fans that will be anticipating this game.

One of the other interesting aspects about this game. Will be to see how the team based action pans out in virtual reality. It will be interesting watch how the battles progress, with the level of immersiveness available in this game. We hope that it will bring a greater sense of camaraderie out from the players, and could bring a greater sense of social depth to gaming.

That being said, we are definitely looking forward to getting stuck in to some epic dogfights.

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