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Oculus Rift Now Available For PreOrder!

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Oculus Rift Preorders go live!

The Preorders have just gone live for the Oculus Rift and are now available from the Oculus site! within seconds of the update the servers went down on the preorder page. However it was quickly back up, and VR fans across the world are now making their first investments in to consumer Virtual Reality!

The VR headset from Oculus that has been years in the making is now one step closer to being in the hands of consumers! The first Consumer Oculus (CV1) is Priced at $599.00 USD and £499.00 GBP for customers in the U.K and will ship May 2016.  However the prices mentioned do not include shipping and no Touch controllers are included.

The move from Oculus marks a big step in to the future for VR. With fans across the world making their first orders for the CV1 headset. This will also start to give us a metric on the initial interest in VR tech.

A quick skim through social media  shows that the announced price has been met with mixed reviews from the VR community. Some examples from Twitter:

Along with plenty of mentions that people have got their preorders in!

The previously speculated figures for the final price of the consumer rift have usually been ranged anywhere between $300.00 / $700.00. so the announcement definitely brings us to the higher end of that. This could tie in to something that Plamer Luckey said in a Tweet back Decemeber, when he said “VR will become something everyone wants before it becomes something everyone can afford.”

You can preorder the Oculus Rift here




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