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Oculus Rift Release Games | Chronos

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Oculus Release Games: Chronos

Join us in our Oculus Release Games series, where we take a closer look at some of the games that are due to be ready in time for the launch of the Virtual Reality buzz-maker, Oculus.

Chronos, is a role playing game that seems to be a very interesting experience, as it features an ‘ageing’ mechanic, that alters the players attributes as they age. The game is in third person, and is set in ruins, caverns and tombs. An interesting catch here though, is that the ancient ruins that you have to explore, are only accessible once a year. Meaning your character ages when you fail to complete a level. 

This will have an interesting effect on the narrative, as when your protagonist ages they will become stronger, and a better warrior, but may become less agile as they grow older. Chronos is brought to us by Gunfire, the same developers that brought us Darkside, and they say that the ageing mechanic will mean that players will adjust heir style as the character ages. 

This all sounds good to us, we will be looking forward to recording some play throughs.

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