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Our Top 3 Virtual Reality Gloves

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Top 3 Virtual Reality Gloves of the future.

with the recent influx of Virtual Reality head sets popping up from developers all over the world, we’re yet to discover which product is going to win the race for the ultimate virtual reality controller. with that being said, we thought we’d put together a list of all of our favorites competing for that position.

3. Dexmo F2

The dexmoF2 comes from Dextarobotics. Its a mechanical ectoskeleton glove that uses a breaking system to restrict the motion of the users fingers. This innovative force feedback design will also capture the movement of the users hand as they traverse the virtual world. The most exciting thing about this product to us though, is that you would definitely feel like a cyborg if you were wearing it.

2. Control VR

Control VR is another tipped leader in the race for Virtual Reality input device supremacy. and they got off to a good start last year on kickstarter, with 1,161 backers pledging the best part four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The Control VR developers have put forward this intuitive input device that is also coming to us in the form of a glove. Developers claim that the Control VR offers extremely low latency of around 12 milli seconds, which is just slightly less then the lag on your computers Keyboard. The Control VR can currently be obtained as a dev kit for the cool price of around $600.00.

1. Hands Omni glove

Developers at rice university have designed a new haptic glove that uses air to inflate small bladders that have been placed at significant points throughout the glove. The bladders then inflate and deflate in accordance to the information being fed back by the virtual world, allowing the user to receive force feedback from their interactions with the software.

The design is still in early development stages, however, a recent sponsorship from Virtuix, the company behind the Virtuix Omni virtual reality treadmill, could mean that we may well be seeing this more from Omni Glove.

Let us know in the comments if we have missed out any of your favourites.




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