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Pokemon Go: Players Arrive At Mans House, Accidentally Listed As A ‘Gym’

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Pokemon Go is the latest gaming sensation to take the world by storm. The interest in the new Augmented Reality app, which allows players to catch Pokemon in the real world, has been growing exponentially by the day.

The new AR app, from the well-known Japanese franchise, uses real-world, public, locations as part of the game, and names them as gyms. Users can travel to these gyms in reality, where they can train their Pokemon to become stronger and do battle with competitors.

The use of public locations led to an interesting outcome for a particular US resident, who happened to reside in a building previously listed as a Church. Boon Sheridan, the properties owner, realized this issue shortly after the release of the app. And tweeted saying

As you can imagine, the popularity of the game meant that fans were soon arriving at his address to progress their virtual career as Pokemon a trainer. Sheridan later tweeted saying

Users began congregating at the park across the road from Sheridan’s home, after realizing that the property was domestic, contrary to what the app was showing them. Luckily for the players, though, this meant that they could still access the gym, and reap the rewards it offered.

Unfortunately, the benefits weren’t as clear for Sheridan himself. As he found himself having to explain the situation to the attendees involved, although they seemed to be ok about it, he later tweeted saying

Fortunately, Boon seems to have been a pretty good sport about the situation, but it does raise some questions of privacy and responsibility regarding the apps developers. Another of Sheridan’s Tweets was posted with the image below and stated

This is a ‘fair enough’ reservation to have with the ordeal, but with that said. If the ‘gym owner’ had less of a sense of humor about what was unfolding, then we could have seen a slightly different outcome, especially in a country that allows for the discharging of firearms in the event of an individual trespassing on their property.

At the moment there is no way for people to remove themselves or their property from the app. Although, after this blunder, the guys over at Pokemon are no doubt cooking up a fix.

So for the time being, Boon Sheridan will remain the proud owner of his newly honored Pokemon Gym, and he can grow his team without having to leave the house. It would be interesting to know what his neighbours think of the situation. They probably think he, either, just became really famous, or has become the streets biggest drug dealer. Either way, it could be a good time for Sheridan to invest in some Pokemon memorabilia.

We have reached out to both Boon Sheridan, and the Pokemon developers to comment and are currently awaiting a response.

In the meantime, VRRelated will keep you in the loop of this story, as it unfolds.




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