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Professor Green Virtual Reality Music Video

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Professor Green Virtual Reality Music Video

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As we look back at some of the origins of spherical video content, our attention is brought to one of the earliest examples of Virtual Reality music videos on the web. The 360 video comes from UK Rapper, and, prestigious recording artist, Professor Green. This early example of a VR music video, directed by Chris Cairns, is titled ‘Coming To Get Me‘, and was released as part of a music themed campaign by Doritos in 2010. The video was pretty groundbreaking for the time, and still stands up well against some of the 360 videos that we are seeing emerge today. 

The video takes place at a UK warehouse party, where the viewer is invited to follow the action from a few feet away. Some well choreographed scenes, let you get a feel for what it would be like to be surrounded by fans and paparazzi, as you take a walk in to the life of a famous rapper.

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 The footage was captured using the Point Grey LadyBug2. Which is an early, “low cost” spherical camera system that uses six 0.8mp cameras that “collect from more that 75% of the full sphere”, which captures capture at 30FPS to disc, via FireWire. Which doesn’t technically make it full 360 VR video, but its still an early example of media heading in this direction.  The director also made the continuous shots a focus of the production, claiming having cuts in the film seemed to me to be jarring and ‘unimmersive’ in this instance, so I wanted the whole video to feel like one shot so there’s no disconnect for the viewer.” This idea really comes across in the end product, and the flow of the scene outside the warehouse is a testament to that notion. 

There are a few uploads of this video online, and some kind soul has even taken the time of share an Oculus Ready version. So feel free to grab yourself a copy here. Also, Another great 360 music video worth checking out is StoneMilker by Bjork, which is taken from her most recent album Vulnicura.

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