Rave: Synchronized Video and Multimedia Viewing in VR

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Rave, a new Canadian company in the VR industry launch the world’s first multimedia messenger app. Allowing users to watch their favorite videos in perfect sync, while simultaneously socializing with friends, all in real time.

Watch Videos in Sync!

Rave is not only bringing video synchronization into Virtual Reality, but it’s also closing the gap between being in VR and being social. As said by Rave CEO Dr. Michael Pazaratz, “VR is an exciting new frontier for media consumption.”

Chat with Friends on Mobile!

So far Virtual Reality Enthusiast companies such as Facebook have been experimenting with media consumption in Virtual Reality, with their, currently Rift exclusive, Facebook Spaces; “VR is better with friends“. Rave’s goal is to allow the consumer, not only to, “Spend time with friends and family like you’re really there“, but to “step inside 360 videos, draw and play.” While Altspace, another leading social VR platform, has community events: book clubs, livestreams and more with friends, future friends and family.

VR with Friends!

“VR is better with friends”

Unlike Facebook Spaces and Altspace, Raves aims to unite, (in their words) “the two most popular mobile activities: messaging and video watching.” The app allows users to access content from a wide range of platforms, including, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Viki.

Raves is built around playback synchronization technology, precise enough to allow mobile devices to sync into wireless speakers. Rave powers everything, from world-wide movie nights, to local music parties.

Pazarats: “Linking mobile with VR opens up so many interesting options to expand the community. It’s amazing to watch videos on a 65” virtual screen, but feels too isolating”.

“It’s amazing to watch videos on a 65″ virtual screen, but feels too isolating”

Rave’s primary goal is to allow people to chat and experience videos and music, not just to an individual, but to an audience of people. This includes (but is not limited to) friends and family. With Rave, they’re expanding by not only giving another option to the community, but allowing the community, across all VR platforms, the opportunity to be together in the same experience.

Rave is currently available for Google Daydream and Samsung GearVR for free and in the near future they plan to release Rave on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.



Jomas McCormick

Jomas is an Intern at VRRelated, In the VR scene he also taught kids aged predominantly between 9-15 how to create Virtual Reality content. Jomas also used to host Virtual Reality events to show his community the future that is just around the corner. Now, he's focusing on his goals on making a difference in the world by doing the small things that make a difference in peoples lives, an example being his 0 dollar budget 24hr VRCharity Stream in 2016 which raised over 7000 dollars for the Blind Foundation!

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