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RockbandVR Coming To Samsung GearVR?

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RockbandVR “Confirmed” For Samsung’s GearVR?

After scrolling through the Oculus Founders twitter account, I find a few interesting tweets. including the one about RockbandVR. Which really, if you haven’t seen the announcer trailer already, please do. RockbandVR may not look like anything new to those that had heard about it at the Game awards, but let me expand on the likelihood of RockbandVR coming to Samsung’s GearVR.

So Palmer announces that RockbandVR will be coming next year on Oculus, so we automatically assume “Okay, so it will be available for the Oculus Rift”, but no. I dug deeper, and found something he mentioned 4 days later.


“Only on Oculus” does not mean “Only on Rift”.

Our key fact right here, while going on mentioning how the platform supports both the Rift and Samsung’s GearVR, he’s basically confirmed that the GearVR will have RockbandVR support, does this potentially mean the Oculus touch may have an alternative controller for Samsung, Samsung touch?

We already know it’ll have support for the Rift, so having the GearVR will give the game a huge variety of players from the different backgrounds of PC and Mobile. And although RockbandVR is an Oculus exclusive, Harmonix has recently announced that they’re going to look to create a similar game for PSVR/PS4.

VRRelated will be keeping a look out to see if there’s any news about a potential RockbandVR for MobileVR, but for now, be prepared..

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Jomas McCormick

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