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RockbandVR Oculus Announcement | VIDEO | VGA2015

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Palmer Luckey announces at The Games Awards 2015 that Rock Band will be making an appearance on the Oculus Rift. The founder of the breakthrough VR HMD made an entrance on stage at the Los Angeles, California event to reveal of the new VR title, RockbandVR. The announcement came along with a trailer that features British power metal band, Dragon Force.

RockbandVR will be released in 2o16 along with the consumer release of the Oculus headset and will enter the growing list of new VR titles that will be featuring on this platform.

The Rockband title, that allows players to become a rockstar in their own home, is developed by Harmonix studios and is currently on its 4th edition. The collaborative effort to bring this title to VR has been a long time in the making according to Palmer Luckey, as he mentioned before outlining that he has “spent a long time playing it” to make the experience ready for this new platform. Check out more from the event in the videos below.

RockbandVR trailer from The Games Awards 2015, Los Angeles, California




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