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Samsung GearVR Motion Controller ‘Rink’

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Well, At least we know it isn’t called Samsung Touch. Samsung GearVR’s motion controller, Rink.

After writing about Rockband coming to Samsung GearVR a week and a half ago, I had a feeling we’d be seeing a touch device also come to the GearVR, but I seriously did not expect to hear about it this early on. ‘Rink’. Although it looks like you’ll have to put on a bulky piece of tech on top of the headset, which looks quite heavy, it seems it maybe worth it. although we won’t know until CES next week!

For all we know, this box could also add positional tracking like the DK2, although this is all rumor right now. my question really is this, will this bulky looking box use the phone battery via bluetooth etc, or the headsets battery? And if it uses the phone for bluetooth, how quickly will be the phone overheat? People have already had problems with GearVR overheating after 20-60 minutes, putting it in ice at live events to showcase it, we may have another problem up our sleeves with the Rink.


This is one of the pictures posted on Reddit, which looks like a keyboard you could potentially use in VR? However as reported by many users it looks like a fake image like the ones they had for Iphone, and it even looks like a mac keyboard, so I don’t actually believe this is a true prediction.

But focusing on the Rink, which I’d love to know how they got the name. seems to just slip on to your hand, and is used to sense your hand/fingers? or it seems that way anyway, with the Touch controllers being able to sense your hand gestures to a certain extent (eg. thumbs up), it could possibly sense your whole hand. having the thumb being detected by the small bit touching the bottom of it.

But this really is all theory, we’d love to hear what suggestions everyone else has, and we’ll see you at CES!



Jomas McCormick

Jomas is an Intern at VRRelated, In the VR scene he also taught kids aged predominantly between 9-15 how to create Virtual Reality content. Jomas also used to host Virtual Reality events to show his community the future that is just around the corner. Now, he's focusing on his goals on making a difference in the world by doing the small things that make a difference in peoples lives, an example being his 0 dollar budget 24hr VRCharity Stream in 2016 which raised over 7000 dollars for the Blind Foundation!

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