Sony Announce PSVR Price And Release Date

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Two years ago, at GDC, Sony unveiled their play for the VR market. The company, renowned for its routes in the gaming industry, announced that they would be making a virtual reality headset that was then titled Project Morpheus. This year there are some major announcements from the Sony camp, including the price and release date.

Andrew House, of Sony, was wasting no time when he announced a few minutes ago at this year’s GDC 2016 that the PSVR headset will be released at $399.00 (USD), £349.00 (GBP) and ¥44,980.00 (JPY), and will be shipping to users in October 2016.

This brings the Sony VR headset in at a much lower bracket than its counterparts, the Oculus Rift ($599.00) and the HTC Vive ($799.00).

Andrew House opened proceedings by explaining that “It’s been a long road for virtual reality, one that’s gone back and forth from the research labs and taken a lot of twists and turns into and out of the consumer consciousness.”

The Sony Keynote also showed us a glimpse of the final PSVR headset, and it appears that the Light Pattern looks slightly different. The Light pattern is used by the PSVR cameras to track the movement of the device when in use.

There was also an announcement of the specs for the final device.

“PSVR’s got a 5.7-inch OLED screen, 1920 x 1080 resolution split across both eyes, and nine LEDs that let the PlayStation camera tell where people are even when they’re turned away from it.”

Full specs:

psvr specs

(image via The Verge)

In terms of design, Sony spoke about how the headset is  “designed for users to feel comfortable while playing games.” Showing that they have placed emphasis on comfort with the weight and ergonomics of the device.

Sony also showed off some of the games that we can be expecting, however, they only touched on them briefly, but with E3 not far away, we can no doubt expect to learn about the PSVR titles in greater detail there.

As a lot of people were expecting from Sony, there was also an emphasis on the ease of use of the product.  On the subject, they stated that users will “enjoy a seamless experience that’s straightforward to set up and accessible to all types of gamers.”

Sony also spoke about Cinematic mode and Playroom VR. The former of which is a mode that will allow you to play flat-screen games and watch movies in your headset. The latter appears to be a selection of social games and experiences.

The conference from Sony was kept quite short and sweet, ending after around 13 or so minutes.

VRRelated will keep following this story as it unfolds, in the meantime, here’re a few PSVR games that we’re excited about.


Source: The Verge




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