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Space Box VR Now Available On iTunes

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A mix of Fez’s world twisting and Angry Birds’ slingshot jumping, but with a deep message and additional VR mode?
Yes, Space Box is now on App Store!

“Can you think outside the box?” – This is the question Polish indie developer Tomek Graczyk puts players before in his 3D puzzle platformer Space Box: The Journey out of the Box. Seemingly innocent story of a box lost in space is actually a way of asking the players about their own freedom and creativity. The gameplay itself takes place in quite an unusual way: by drawing a “jump vector” on the screen. The whole journey gets a big twist when Space Box realises he can do a “space turn” – a 90-degree turn in both left and right. Then the whole 3D universe stands open for him and the player, the one that’s outside the box – literally and metaphorically.


Additional VR mode is playable hands-free on any iPhone & any VR goggles while the “normal mode” is playable on both: iPhone and iPad.
You can get it now for free from the App Store.

Space Box VR is developed by Tom Graczyk, an indie games dev and a retro games fan since the 8-bit games era. Tom made his first games on ZX Spectrum. Infact, Tom makes all aspects of the title including  coding, graphics or composing music.

“Space Box, associated with games like Fez and Angry Birds, emerged in my mind even before any of these titles has reached the daylight, but it’s nice to be compared to the games with such a huge success. It took me two years to finish Space Box, and I’ve given all my heart to it. Therefore, it would be an insanity in today’s world to take such risk again. That’s why this game is my “to be or not to be” in terms of indie development. It’s my personal ‘Final Fantasy’.” – Tom Graczyk

Head here to find out more about SpaceBox VR

Check out the VR trailer for Space Box VR below



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