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Space VR Announce A Change In Course

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Space VR, the San Fransisco-based startup that excelled their Kickstarter goals last year, have announced at SVVR 2016, that they will be making a slight change in course. Initially, the plan was to send a 12 camera, 360, rig into space and mount it onto the International Space Station (ISS). The footage captured would be brought back to earth for users to connect to via their HMD of choice, giving a unique perspective on the vast expanse we call space.

Today, at this year’s Silicone Valley Virtual Reality conference in San Jose, Space VR have announced a successful seed run of $1.25 million from Chinese investment firm, Shanda Group, as well as a change in course for the outer worldly project.

Instead of sending the camera up to the ISS, as previously mentioned, Space VR now plan to send the world’s first virtual reality camera satellite, Overview One, into orbit in late 2017.

Ryan Holmes opened the Keynote at SVVR 2017, by sharing the notion of the Overview Effect.

“As a civilisation, we are facing one primary enemy, a lack of global perspective. We spend trillions of dollars destroying other countries when we should be investing that in our future.”

He continues,

“In space, astronauts go through a life changing experience, that permanently installs a global perspective, the experience is called the overview effect. The overview effect is when you look out into the endless stars, and for the first time, you are vividly aware of your place in an infinite universe.”


“Overview one uses two 4k sensors with wide field of view lenses, to capture a completely immersive spherical video,” Holmes explains

Space VR will use their “ground stations” to control the camera’s while in space, and in doing so, according to Holmes will “capture every interesting event there is to see in space.”

One of the biggest reasons for the change in plan was that the initial idea relied on using astronauts on the ISS to carry out the implementation of the project, which naturally results in astronauts losing valuable time reserved for carrying out their duties on the station. Using a satellite eliminates the need for this, and allows the company to have greater control over how they capture content.

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Ryan Holmes, CEO and founder of Space VR, pictured revealing Overview One at SVVR 2016

Space VR will be available on all VR platforms. However, no information has yet been given on whether the content will come with a premium.

head over to the Space VR website to find our more about what they are up to. And stick with VRRelated for more news, as it unfolds.




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