Sphericam 2 Goes Live on Kickstarter

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One to watch

Sphericam 2 has Launched on Kickstarter in the last 24 hours, and has managed to gather a third of its target already. At the time of this post, there had been a total of $55,287 pledged of the $150k target. The latest edition to the growing range of 360 camera rigs claims to be capable of capturing a spherical resolution of 4096×2048. It also offers global shutter capture at 60 frames per second. The designers, Spericam Inc, claim to have overcome problems with blind spots, and tricky stitching processes, with their completely synchronised product and software design.

The Sphericam 2 is the size of a tennis ball, and some of the accessories listed for pledgers include a protective carrying case, bicycle mount, a carbon fibre monopod, plus a few other bits. That is for anyone up for pledging $1,699, of course. Aesthetically, the design of the Sphericam 2 looks to be some what Sci-Fi, but is still compact and dignified. This product could be a great way to widen the virtual reality film market to broader consumers, as well as, the more focused prosumers. 

This is definitely one we will be keeping a keen eye on to see how it progresses. View the Sphericam 2 on Kickstarter





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